© 2011 Basic Web Designer.com   Call at 1-866-228-4055 Welcome Basic Web Designer Logo - When you need a website Fast Basic Web Designer was created for the small business who needs to get a website up and running fast.  Our job is to help you create the materials and assemble them for your website. We collaborate with you by sharing our screens with you through the basic steps in the process. Should you need a new logo, we can design it together. We use Xara web Designer 7, Logo Creator and other support software to create our sites. This site was created completely with Xara, Logo Creator, and Smartdraw. The Xara Designer 7 program gives us the flexibility to work with most small size sites rapidly, with complete control and reduced prices.    The more planning you do, the less the process will cost you. In the How it works section, you will see the overall process including the payment.  In the  Getting started section you will see a guide on collect the pictures, graphics, text, and other information we will need to complete the process.  Check out some sample sites we have completed and look at Templates we will use.  Xara provides the templates, we fill them out and you save money. Read more about us or call us at 866-224-4055.  We have been making websites since 2001. Call us at 866-224-4055 for more details Your site could be complete in 10 business days Basic Outline